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CANS Prototyping - Permissions

Permissions allow users to access certain features of Activity Monitor, depending on their roles and on the decisions made by the site owner and the system administrator.

The page includes these key features.
(1) Set permissions for Activity Monitor.
     - New (create a new notifier)
     - Read (read notifiers in list)
     - Revise.any (revise any notifier in list)
     - Revise.own (revise own notifiers)
     - Delete.any (delete any notifier in list)
     - Delete.own (delete own notifiers)
     - Duplicate.any (duplicate any notifier in list)
     - Duplicate.own (duplicate own notifiers)
     - (see identifier info about who does the open/read event)
     - (see identifier info about who does the post event)
     - (see time info about what time the event opened)
     - (see time info about what time the event posted)

(2) Save changes or Cancel

Open the prototype in a new window.

Please REVIEW and COMMENT on our design efforts. In each section there is a brief list of key options, a mockup of the interface, and opportunity to leave comments, suggestions and questions. Feel free to invite colleagues or students to review our work and offer their commentary. Thanks in advance for your interest and help with this project.

Last updated on February 2, 2009